We save the environment. Save the rain forests of the world!Our commitment and compromise with the environment, through reforesting and replanting our own forests.

Outlet Season Wood Division, is an environment friendly corporation, we have along term compromise with the preservation and conservation of old-growth tropical species as well as preserving their ecosystems.

Outlet Season Wood Division Tropical Ipe Lapacho Ironwood DeckingIpe (EE-pay), also known generically as ironwood. Originating in Brazil, South America, Ipe for flooring and decking, is a unique decking material that brings the warmth and beauty of hardwoods to the indoor and outdoors.

Ipe is quite possibly the most useful and versatile organic building material available.

They are very resistant to rot, insects, UV exposure, ice, salt, abrasion, splintering, chemicals and Class A fire rated.

The superior strength, stability, and durability of Ipe, achieved naturally, makes them ideally suited for a wide variety of uses.

DIPTERYX ODORATA Cumaru, or Brazilian teak as it is widely called, is known for its exceptional hardness and durability.

Cumaru's appearance makes it a great sustainable alternative for Burmese teak, with the added benefit of being more than three times as hard.

This dense wood has a range of colors varying from a tan brown to a reddish brown with some pieces offering a black striping.

This exotic hardwood is a great choice in both residential and commercial installations, especially to users who prefer a more brownish look to their application.

Also knowm as Almendrillo, Brazilian Teak, Tonka, and Tonquin Bean.

Also known as Goldenwood, this Tropical Hardwood specie used to be used in railroad sleepers because of its durability.

Extremely tough and durable, this lighter specie is a wonderful choice for those seeking a lighter color deck than Ipe or Jarrah.

Grapia stands blistering summers and hard winters.

  • Muiracatiara - (Tiger Wood)

    Botanical Name:
    Astronium lecointei Ducke, Anacardiaceae.

  • Similar names and Species::
    It is called Aroeira, Maracatiara, Sanguessungueira, Aroeirão, Gonçalo-Alves, Maracatiara-Branca, Maracatiara-Vermelha, Muiracatiara-Rajada and Juiraquatiara. Others species of Astronium sort (A. fraxinifolium, A. graveolens, A. macrocalyx, A. urundeuva, A. ulei and A. balanae) have similar properties to Muirecatiara.
    Commercial Name:Tiger Wood
Outlet Season  Wood Division Tropical Maracateara MuiracatiaraTiger Wood

  • Characteristics and Features:
    Brownish-red colored heartwood, beautifully figured with dark brownish stripes. Regular grain, medium texture, indistinctly taste and odor.

  • Physical and Mechanical Properties::
    Muiracatiara is a very heavy wood with high shock resistance and low retractability.

  • Moisture Content and Density:
    Apparent (15% of humidity): 0,97 g/cm3 - 970 kg/m3
    Basic: 0,80 g/cm3 - 800 kg/m3

  • Machinability:
    Muiracatiara is easily machinable and provides an excellent finishing. Accepts painting, varnish and luster.

  • Usage:
    Carpentry in general; in civil construction as beams, stacks, parquet and wooden floor, doors and windows jambs, linings, etc; tool handles and agricultural appliances, luxury furniture, etc.

Tauari Brazilian Oak, as the species Tauri is commonly called, is a light tan wood that sometimes presents a pinkish tint.

This wood is sophisticated with subtle warmth, and is an ideal alternative to domestic oak due to its graining patterns and desirable color, which is often a light flax brown.

Those who prefer the lighter red shades of freshly laid Brazilian Cherry to its more mature color will be pleased with the option of Tauari Brazilian Oak.

It resembles the initial look of its redder relative, and does not darken like Brazilian Cherry.

Tauari Brazilian Oak’s neutral shading and medium grain patterns allow it to be highly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of uses. Brazilian Oak is similar to its domestic counterpart in hardness.

Tauari - Brazilian Oak Solid Prefinished flooring available in ¾”Thickness and 3 ¼”, 4”, and 5” Widths.
Tauari - Brazilian Oak Solid Unfinished flooring available in ¾” Thickness and 3”, 3 ¼”, 4”, and 5” Widths.


We can also cut custom sizes.

Angelim Pedra hardwood flooring is characterized by a well-defined rich red and deep brown vertical grain.

Behind this grain lies Angelim Pedra’s base color, which varies slightly, often appearing light mustard yellow or a warm tan.

This wood gives off a natural luster, which increases the feeling of depth between the base color and the richer grain.

Receiving a high rating in durability, this wood is resilient to pressure and environment and is unattractive to rot and fungi.

Compared to many hardwoods, Angelim Pedra is particularly conducive to easy installation, and it is more attractive than its often pricier competitors.

Angelim Pedra Solid Prefinished flooring available in ¾”Thickness and 3 ¼”, 4”, and 5” Widths.
Angelim Pedra Solid Unfinished flooring available in ¾” Thickness and 3”, 3 ¼”, 4”, and 5” Widths.

Scientific name: Cedrelinga catenaeformis Ducke
Family: Leguminosae


Slightly Heavy Wood (640kg/m3), light tones, smooth touch, attractive finish. Easy to saw.

Principal Usage:
For general carpentry, civilian construction industry, furniture, divisions, plywood, etc

The Jequitiba is one of the most famous trees of the Atlantic Rain forest, not just for the wood quality, but it's impressive size, longevity and hugeness.

In the native forest an adult Jequitiba is easily recognized among the other trees.

Their wood is highly demanded, for its beauty and quality.


The Marupa tree has a uniform cream color wood, with straight grain and uniform texture, it's moderately durable, and use for interior joinery, mouldings and dowels.

Works easily and machines to a smooth, clean surface.

The Sucupira tree is found in Brazil and can grows to over 30 metres (100ft).

Its sap is reported to have properties that can relieve arthritis, indigestion, ulcerations, eczemas and all kinds of allergies.

What we know for sure is that it is a wonderful Hardwood floor.



Dec 14, 2009
New MDF section online, a new MDF section is online, with a complete display of our 18 different MDF veneer patterns.You will also be able to request for quotes online.

Feb 16, 2010
The summer season is coming to an end in the Southern Hemisphere, so we are starting IPE decking production.We are now able to offer IPE decking 20MM X 60 to 90MM X 600 to 1800MM.

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